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Extendable TrailerExtendable Trailer
Extendable trailers are used to transport items that are too long for a standard flat bed trailer. Generally, anything over 50' in length would require an extendable trailer. Extendable trailers are used to haul structural steel, steel beams, steel plate, steel or wood poles, tubing, pre-cast concrete steel or wood trusses, pre-cast docks, crane boom sections and other material that exceed the length that a flat bed can carry.

Along with our fleet of extendable trailers, J.R. Christoni, Inc. also maintains a number of pole trailers. These trailers are also used to haul over-length material and have a greater length carrying capacity. Our fleet of extendable and pole trailer can carry material up to a length of 150'. J.R. Christoni, Inc. can secure the necessary permits and escorts to move your over-length material safely and on time. Let J.R. Christoni, Inc. quote your next over-length shipment.

Extendable Trailer Diagram
Extendable Trailer Extendable Trailers

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