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J.R. Christoni
70 Years Experience

From copper pipes, helicopters, modular homes to metal expansions used to build bridges, if it is large, heavy, or unusual, we've probably hauled it. For over 70 years, J.R. Christoni Inc. has been providing transportation services to those companies with specialized trucking and shipping needs. Whether it's across the state, across the country, or around the world, we have the equipment, resources and expertise to get your goods to their final destination securely and on-time.

A Proud Record of Safety

We believe that safe delivery is just as important as on-time delivery, and we have instituted a safety program, which has become a model for our industry. Drivers and handlers receive detailed instructions in the best and most scientific ways to secure and protect loads. Meetings are held with safety experts from the state police, insurance companies, the motor vehicle department, and other safety related organizations. (Drivers from affiliated companies and customers often attend these meetings). Our own mechanics and technicians keep trucks and trailers in proper operating condition through a regular maintenance program. You will also have the added security of knowing that all your cargo is insured up to $500,000.

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J.R. Christoni is proud to be a member of many organizations.
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